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Welcome to Eden Hall!
the RPG community for
The Mighty Ducks trilogy

*// The Ducks:

Lester Averman: the_jester04 (played by Katie)
Tammy Duncan: tammy_d (played by Emma)
Julie Gaffney: lady__duck (played by Allie)
Guy Germaine: _doublezero_ (played by Amber)
Peter Mark: prisonpetey24 (played by stef)
Connie Moreau: imnolady (played by Meme)
Dean Portman: born_2_enforce (played by Emma)
Fulton Reed: 2outta5 (played by Amber)
Dwayne Robertson: 2manyforks (played by Alyssa)

*// The Warriors:

Cindy Marshall: cheerchic91 (played by Mika)
Bryon Riley: lil_riley (played by Amber) [OC]
Cole Southerland: warrior_pride (played by Meme)
Scott 'Scooter' Vanderbilt: ___scooter_____ (played by Meme)
Hope Southerland: hopesoutherland (played by Skye) [OC]

*// Other EH Students:

Emma Davis: _fire_fly_ (played by Amber) [OC]
Jacky Devereau: eden_hall_jacky (played by Meme) [OC]
Andie Malito: 00bad_girl00(played by Katie) [OC]
Kory Montel: hear_no_evil (played by Meme) [OC]
Josh O'Connell: thatkidjosh (played by Alyssa)
Diego Sanchez: diegosanchez (played by Tabby) [OC]

*// Authority Figures:

Dean Buckley: dean_buckley (played by Meme)
Coach Orion: call_me_coach (played by Meme)

*// We're not accepting any more original characters at the moment, as there are still canon characters who's positions need to be filled. Positions open include: Gordon Bombay, Terry Hall, Tommy Duncan, Greg Goldberg, Russ Tyler, Ken Wu and Dave Karp.

*// Community created, owned and moderated by: Meme!
*// Layout design and icon by: Quimby.